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Our Management Team

Our people are essential to our success and are regarded as our most valuable asset. Our method of work stresses collaboration, diligence, creativity, honesty and intelligence to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Our team shares a common purpose and a common passion: assisting strong Chinese entrepreneurs to build their businesses and build China’s economy.


Peter Fuhrman

Peter Fuhrman is Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of China First Capital, Ltd. He is a native of the USA. Peter founded China First Capital in 2008, with the goal of providing the highest international standard of investment banking and advisory service to China’s entrepreneurs, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and financial sponsors. Establishing China First Capital fulfills a long-term ambition. Peter first came to China in 1981, as part of a first intake of American graduate students in China. He left China in 1982, with the hope to return one day for good, to do good. Before returning in 2008, Peter was a founder and former CEO of Awareness Technologies, an enterprise software company based in Los Angeles, California, named one of Deloitte’s “Fast 500” , the fastest-growing technology businesses in North America. This company was sold in a successful M&A transaction. Prior to this, he led a finance company during its IPO process in the USA, and earlier, was CEO of a California venture capital firm with a portfolio of technology investments in the US, Europe and Israel. Peter’s first career after university was as a journalist and foreign correspondent. He spent almost 10 years working for Forbes Magazine, including eight fascinating years based in London covering business, economy and politics in Europe. He left journalism nearly twenty years go to focus on a business career.

Peter holds an M.Phil degree from Cambridge University in Great Britain, his BA in Chinese History from Tufts University (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and did postgraduate studies at Nanjing University, and as a Yale-in-China Fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Peter has lectured at UCLA’s Anderson Business School on private equity and venture capital.

Along with his management duties, Peter also speaks and writes frequently about private equity and entrepreneurship in China.

Yansong Wang
Dr. Yansong Wang is Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of China First Capital. Yansong is from Changchun, Jilin Province. She holds a bachelor degree in Plasma Physics from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). She also earned a Ph.D. degree in Plasma Physics from Princeton University.  At Princeton University, Yansong was the only student of Professor Russell Kulsrud, one of the founders of Plasma Physics in United States. Supported by research funding from US Department of Energy and NASA, Yansong completed an analytic theory to explain the magnetic reconnection events that happen in the solar corona and Earth’s magnetosphere. Her theory transforms the traditional thinking of the role that fluctuations play in the reconnection process.  She is honored to be the only student that Prof. Russell Kulsrud mentored in the last ten years. During her study at Princeton, Yansong was very actively involved in the volunteer and social works. For five and half years, she volunteered in Ten Thousand Villages which is one of the oldest and largest fair trade organizations in North America.  She also regularly volunteered in the soup kitchens and charity warehouses in Trenton and Newark.
Yansong was a featured speaker at 2013 "SuperReturn" in Beijing.