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Technological progress and growing affluence will launch and sustain abundant business opportunities


Founded in 2008, China First Capital is a Greater China-focused specialist international
investment banking, advisory and principal investment firm operating mainly in areas
of “deep tech” — with special expertise in the semiconductor industry ecosystem,
advanced manufacturing (robotics, precision automation and nano-positioning),
photonics, breakthrough energy technologies, premium consumer brands. We seek to
discern where China, its markets and investment are heading — and capitalize, together
with our partners.

Come Partner with Us

We collaborate with a distinguished group of partners and clients,
including larger Chinese private sector corporations, dynamic market-
oriented state-owned enterprises as well as global corporations and
technology leaders actively expanding in Greater China. China First
Capital’s geographical reach extends across all regions of Greater China
and globally, with exceptional proprietary deal flow.

Committed To

Selected Media, Interviews, Lectures

Our Activities

Leveraging our extensive experience and deep commercial network.

Significant domain expertise in major industries relevant for China’s future
development and prosperity.

Identifying, supporting and shaping technologies and cross-border collaborations
to fulfill large-scale market needs.

For well over a decade, we’ve stood by the front lines of technological and market change China. During this time, China’s economy grew by over $10 trillion, on par with the US and triple that of the EU. There is a stronger foundation now than ever for China to deploy and develop value-add technologies, building world-class businesses. The implications of this are profound.”

China Fast

Where China excels – and a preeminent source of its growing competitive advantage — is the speed of corporate decision-making, speed to market. We help partners keep pace
with the velocity, ambition, diligence, entrepreneurship and innovative business models transforming China

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